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  • Flashpoints – November 15, 2018
    Today on Flashpoints: Celebrating the courageous work of Palestinian first responders frowned upon in Boston. Also, a voter-protection activist calls for a do-over in Florida and Georgia. Norman Solomon says enough is enough, its time for new leadership in the house and senate. And Reese Ehrlich joins us for some deep background on Iran and the US supported Saudi-War in Yemen
  • Georgia Governor’s Race Update. Amazon Continues to Take Over The World
    Today on Flashpoints: Over a dozen people are arrested fighting to protect the people’s right to vote and have it counted in the Georgia Governor’s race. Alsom Amazon’s multi-city headquarters Scam: Queens New York and Crystal City Washington are only the latest cities to fall prey to the false-promises of Jeff Besos. And Paul Ryan takes, as one of his final actions as Speaker of the House, to perpetuate the bloody US supported Saudi War Against Yemen, which is creating famine and perpetuating a Cholera epidemic there.
  • Flashpoints 11-12-2018
    Today on Flashpoints: On this Veterans Day, Dennis remembers his father, George M Bernstein, the bravest soldier he had ever met. Also, a rebroadcast of a timely speech given in the Bay Area by this country’s resident radical, Chris Hedges.
  • Flashpoints – November 9, 2018
    An award winning front-line investigative news magazine, that focuses on human, civil and workers right, issues of war and peace, Global Warming, racism and poverty, and other issues. Hosted by Dennis J. Bernstein.
  • Kemp vs Abrams Update With Greg Palast. The Many Faces of Jim Acosta.
    Today on Flashpoints: We continue our special drumbeat coverage of the battle to prevent Brian Kemp from using his position as Secretary of State in Georgia to steal the governor’s race. Greg Palast will join us with an update from Atlanta. Also, the many faces of CNN’s Jim Acosta why Acosta didn’t speak up when other reporters were being mistreated and mishandled. And later we rebroadcast last night’s powerful interview with Kathy Kelly on the terrible war and the growing famine in Yemen.
  • Yemen Update w/ Kathy Kelly. Post Election Mortem.
    Today on Flashpoints: The elections are over but the US supported Saudi slaughter and emerging famine in Yemen continues a pace. We’ll speak to Kathy Kelly who is in the middle of a 3 day protest and civil disobedience in Yemen. Also, labor producer Steve Seltzer has a post mortem on the election of pro charter school cheerleader, Marshall Tuck as Superintendent of schools. Also, Harvey Wasserman will also offer his yays and nays regarding yesterday’s election. And the Biggz Beat returns with a searing look at the problematic founder of the company F H8.
  • Flashpoints Election Crimes Bulletin Election Day Special
    Today on Flashpoints: A special election day edition of the Flashpoints Election Crimes Bulletin, with Greg Palast, reporting live from a Trump rally in Georgia, featuring interviews with two disenfranchised voters, including a 92 year old black woman who has beenb voting in the same polling place since 1968. Then, in Houston, we’ll be joined by writer, activist and broadcaster, Tony Diaz, founder of Libros Trafficante, for deep background on the struggle to elect Bato Orourke. Then in LA, we will be joined by activist and journalist Harvey Wasserman, whose out watching the polls and keeping an eye out on vote thieves. And Dolores Huerta, whose been n the stump at age 88, supporting women candidates around the country.
  • Flashpoints – November 5, 2018
    Today on Flashpoints,  Senator Kevin De Leon on his run for the US senate. Also, let us count the ways your votes can be stolen, Investigative activist Harvey Wasserman will help us do the accounting, also a report from Mexico City on the progress of the caravan and will have an update on Haiti with Kevin Pina I’m Dennis Bernstein all this straight ahead on Flashpoints stay tuned…
  • Flashpoints – November 2, 2018
    Today on Flashpoints, labor rights legend, Dolores Huerta takes on the white serial racists in Georgia to get out the vote. Also longtime human rights activist Isabel Garcia talks about the retrial of a border patrol agent who shot through the border fence and killed an innocent Mexican teen. Also hotel workers in the streets of San Francisco fighting for a living wage and a special report from the caravan in Mexico as trump moves to call out the military. I’m Dennis Bernstein, all this straight ahead on Flashpoints stay tuned.
  • Flashpoints – November 1, 2018
    Today on Flashpoints: Dutch Prosecutors investigate an alleged Trump Giuliani Russian money laundering operation: Also we’ll speak to the Executive Director of the International Indian Treaty Council, about voting and voter suppression of Native peoples in North America: And well rebroadcast our recent interview with AIM founder, Bill means regarding the suppression of native American voters in North Dakota. I’m Dennis Bernstein all this straight ahead on Flashpoints Stay tuned
  • Flashpoints – October 31, 2018
    Today on Flashpoints: we’ll hear from a Georgia State senator fighting against right wing voter suppression in the governors race: Also We’ll feature a special report from the Caravan in Mexico as Trump moves to call out the military in defense of white power and we’ll have more on the recent right wing slaughter of Jews in Pittsburgh I’m Dennis Bernstein all this straight ahead on Flashpoints Stay tuned..
  • Flashpoints – October 30, 2018
    Today on Flaspoints … we will take a close look at the  strained relationship between Venezuela and the U.S. and how U.S. sanctions against the country are causing great suffering. And Rabbi Michael Lerner will join us for the 2nd half of the hour today to talk about the multiple implications of the recent right wing slaughter of Jews in Pittsburgh.. Stay tuned… For information on Steve Ellner’s Speaking event at UC Berkeley please click this link. [1] [1]
  • Flashpoints – October 29, 2018
    Today on a special edition of Flashpoints: Deep background and an up=to=the=minute update on the ongoing attempt by the Current Secretary of State of Georgia to use his positions to steal the governors election: And we’ll took a look at recent election in Brazil that brigs and extreme right winger to power there. I’m Dennis Bernstein all this straight ahead on Flashpoints Stay tuned.
  • Flashpoints – October 26, 2018
    This week on the Best of Flashpoints. We bring you Professor Peter Phillips on his new book, Giant’s, The Global Power Elite. Also we hear from VJ Prashad and Shireen Al Adeimi.. on the Slaughter in Yemen and the role of the US along with our Ally, Saudi Arabia. All that ahead on the Best of Flashpoints.. stay tuned
  • Flashpoints – October 25, 2018
    Today on Flashpoints: Former project censored Director, Professor Peter Phillips  takes on the Global elite, with their associated armies and police forces and PR Machines: Also Harvey Wasserman joins us to talk about Election theft and voter suppression and not by the Russians: and  Noted civil rights  and defense attorney, , John Burris questions the killing of another black man by trigger happy cops.

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