2019-01-12: Social Media Postees

If Trump Declares a National Emergency, He'll Be Breaking the Law
Prof. Marjorie Cohn | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
Congress refuses to enact legislation containing the nearly $6 billion that Donald Trump is demanding for an unnecessary wall on the southern US border. In response, Trump is considering whether to declare a national emergency, take money Congress has appropriated … | The post If Trump Declares a National Emergency, He'll Be Breaking the Law appeared first on Global Research.

UK: The 2018 State of the Nation Report
True Publica | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
Britain does produce an annual state of the nation report other than one referring to social mobility. The Social Mobility Commission's 2017 report (see link below) starts with the words: "Britain is a deeply divided nation." Their report is interesting … | The post UK: The 2018 State of the Nation Report appeared first on Global Research.

New Mural in Paris Celebrates 'Yellow Vest' Revolt
The Local | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
Street artist Pascal Boyart created the work, based on Eugene Delacroix's monumental canvass "Liberty Leading the People", which glorified the revolution of July 1830 in which the people of Paris drove King Charles X from power. | The mural can be … | The post New Mural in Paris Celebrates 'Yellow Vest' Revolt appeared first on Global Research.

Richard Dearlove Helped Blair Kill Millions. The Security Services Are a Danger to Our State and Society
Craig Murray | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
When Sir Richard Dearlove was Head of MI6, the Blairites adored him as he approved the lying Dossier on Iraqi WMD which led to wars, invasion, the death of millions and the destabilisation which continues to wreck the entire Middle … | The post Richard Dearlove Helped Blair Kill Millions. The Security Services Are a Danger to Our State and Society appeared first on Global Research.

Making Sense of Trump's Foreign Policy. Understanding How He Operates
Federico Pieraccini | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
As was to be expected, the announcement that the US was withdrawing troops from Syria has served to provoke numerous reactions in the Middle East and beyond. Following the removal of Mattis, Pompey and Bolton embarked on a whirlwind Middle … | The post Making Sense of Trump's Foreign Policy. Understanding How He Operates appeared first on Global Research.

The rise of the student worker
Matt Myers | zcomm.org | 2019-01-12
The student population today is unrecognisable from that of a generation or more ago. And it is central to any socialist project for the future…

The US Five-point 'Non-Paper' for Syria Delivered by Bolton to Turkey
Ragip Soylu | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
US diplomats and military officials failed to present any specific details to their Turkish counterparts about Washington's plans to withdraw its forces from northern Syria during National Security Adviser John Bolton's visit to Ankara on Tuesday, Middle East Eye … | The post The US Five-point 'Non-Paper' for Syria Delivered by Bolton to Turkey appeared first on Global Research.

Israel arrests settler teenagers accused of stoning car
aljazeera | aljazeera.com | 2019-01-12
Five students from a religious school are arrested in connection with the death of a Palestinian woman who was killed when her car was attacked near an illegal settlement.

Who's Trying to Pull a "Russiagate" on Netanyahu?
Andrew Korybko | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
The narrative has suddenly sprung up that Russia is supposedly planning to meddle in "Israel's" upcoming elections to support the incumbent, but this is nothing more than an attempt by the most pro-American factions of "Israeli" society and its "deep … | The post Who's Trying to Pull a "Russiagate" on Netanyahu? appeared first on Global Research.

Reckless Path to Nuclear Weapons Leaves Us Looking Over the Edge
Shane Quinn | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
After two years of analysis and inquiries, Roosevelt formally established America's nuclear program on 19 January 1942, called the Manhattan Project — with a final $2 billion budget supporting it ($36 billion today) and employing over 130,000 people. | The post Reckless Path to Nuclear Weapons Leaves Us Looking Over the Edge appeared first on Global Research.

Gilets Jaunes in 2019: French Democracy Dead or Alive?
Diana Johnstone | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
Or perhaps one should say, buried or revived? Because for the mass of ordinary people, far from the political, financial, media centers of power in Paris, democracy is already moribund, and their movement is an effort to save it. Ever … | The post Gilets Jaunes in 2019: French Democracy Dead or Alive? appeared first on Global Research.

Ice Matters: A Meditation on Snow
Dr. Binoy Kampmark | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
Most speak of floods in the age of climate change, when the cooked and the roasted take precedence over the snowed in and the freezing, and the parliaments of lost islands shall be convened in the sea. Comparatively cruel fates … | The post Ice Matters: A Meditation on Snow appeared first on Global Research.

Fracked Shale Oil Wells Drying Up Faster Than Predicted, Wall Street Journal Finds
Sharon Kelly | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
In 2015, Pioneer Natural Resources filed a report with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission, in which the shale drilling and fracking company said that it was "drilling the most productive wells in the Eagle Ford Shale" in Texas. | That … | The post Fracked Shale Oil Wells Drying Up Faster Than Predicted, Wall Street Journal Finds appeared first on Global Research.

The Middle East: A Review of Geopolitical Structures, Vectors of Power Dynamic
Karsten Riise | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-12
The Middle East is of essential importance to the world. It serves as a center for the world's energy balance and for the transit of goods through the Suez. It harbors the Holy City of three world religions. It is … | The post The Middle East: A Review of Geopolitical Structures, Vectors of Power Dynamic appeared first on Global Research.

For a united struggle to defend public education in California and beyond!
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-01-12
As teachers in Los Angeles prepare to strike, they confront the fact that the unions are working to undermine and isolate their struggle against privatization and other attacks on public education.

999 LA teachers
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-01-12

US government workers call in sick, demand strike action against lockout and payless paydays
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-01-12
The growing opposition of federal workers comes together with the preparations of Los Angeles teachers to strike, the mounting opposition of auto workers to plant closures, and a rising wave of class struggle internationally.

Defend Public Education Oakland Live Stream World Wide
Oakland Education Association | indybay.org | 2019-01-12
Oakland Education Association march starts at Oakland Kaiser Center on Lake Merritt at 11AM with march to Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall…

Some project-based housing projects may face bankruptcy if government shutdown continues
Lynda Carson | indybay.org | 2019-01-12
San Rafael tenants meeting in 2004, teaching tenants how to fight back against HUD's funding cuts to the Section 8 voucher program (Housing Choice Voucher Program. Lydia Gans Photo.

US: 31,000 Strong LA Teachers' Union to Strike Next Week
teleSUR | telesurenglish.net | 2019-01-11
A union representing over 30,000 teachers in Los Angeles, California has threatened a massive walkout to demand higher salaries, smaller class sizes, and a moratorium on new charter schools. The strike is expected to take place Monday. | RELATED: | US: Sanders Targets Big Pharma in Bill to Lower Drug Prices | United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) had warned they would strike in the city's 900 public schools Thursday if an agreement was not reached before then. On Wednesday, however, th…

Leafcutter Ants Rival Cows in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
teleSUR | telesurenglish.net | 2019-01-11
Leafcutter ants found in Central and South America rival cows for their greenhouse gas emissions of nitrous oxide, scientists at the University of Michigan report. | RELATED: | Climate Change: Warming Oceans Set Heat Record in 2018 | According to a study published Thursday in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, the insects create the largest natural nitrous oxide hotspots ever recorded in tropical forests. | This includes the type of nitrous oxide spikes often seen in…

Exclusive: Angela Davis Speaks Out on Palestine, BDS & More After Civil Rights Award Is Revoked
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-01-11
In a Democracy Now! exclusive, legendary activist and scholar Angela Davis speaks out after the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute rescinded a human rights award for her, reportedly due to her activism for Palestinian rights. In September, the institute announced that it would award Davis the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award, named after the civil rights icon. But last Friday, the institute voted to withdraw the award and cancel this year's gala event. The institute rescinded the award days after the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center sent a letter urging the board to reconsider honoring Davis due to he…

Juventus coach says Ronaldo 'calm' as rape case goes forward
Associated Press | peoplesworld.org | 2019-01-11
TURIN, Italy (AP) — Cristiano Ronaldo is "very calm" amid the latest developments in a case of alleged rape involving an American woman, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said Friday. Ronaldo is being asked by police to provide a DNA sample in an investigation of the allegation by Kathryn Mayorga, a former model and schoolteacher, that …

Video: The EU Votes for the Installation of New US Missiles in Europe
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-11
Near the United Nations Glass Palace in New York, there is a metallic sculpture entitled "Evil Defeated by Good", representing Saint George transfixing a dragon with his lance. It was donated by the USSR in 1990 to celebrate the INF … | The post Video: The EU Votes for the Installation of New US Missiles in Europe appeared first on Global Research.

Stronger in 2019!
FAIR | fair.org | 2019-01-11
FAIR is ready for 2019! Dear FAIR friend, FAIR's year-end fundraiser was a complete success–barrelling past our $50,000 goal and setting us up for a strong 2019. Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve our target! It means so much to us to go to work knowing that people support the research and …

Global Research: More Than Meets the Eye
The Global Research Team | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-11
At Global Research we have always sought out ways to expand our reach and make the information we publish accessible to as many people as possible. From humble beginnings, we have grown to encompass GlobalResearch.ca, Mondialisation.ca (in French), Globalizacion.ca (in … | The post Global Research: More Than Meets the Eye appeared first on Global Research.

Americans Need a Congress that Represents Americans
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-11
US Senator Marco Rubio poses as a representative of Florida Republicans, but in truth he represents the interests of Israel. He is sponsor of legislation that punishes Americans who boycott Israel as their way of protesting Israel's genocide of the … | The post Americans Need a Congress that Represents Americans appeared first on Global Research.

How a NeoCon-Backed "Fact Checker" Plans to Wage War on Independent Media
Whitney Webb | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-11
Soon after the social media "purge" of independent media sites and pages this past October, a top neoconservative insider — Jamie Fly — was caught stating that the mass deletion of anti-establishment and anti-war pages on Facebook and Twitter was … | The post How a NeoCon-Backed "Fact Checker" Plans to Wage War on Independent Media appeared fi…

Los Angeles braces itself for a teachers strike Monday morning
Eric A. Gordon | peoplesworld.org | 2019-01-11

Democrats Failed Their First Big Test on Climate
Basav Sen | counterpunch.org | 2019-01-11
The science on climate change is clear: All countries desperately need to restructure fossil fuels out of their economies. Naturally, the Trump administration has recklessly ignored this evidence. In every way, it's tried to make it easier to extract and burn fossil fuels — and harder to hold polluters of all stripes accountable. But what…

Video: Al-Qaeda Defeats Another Turkish-backed 'Opposition' Group
South Front | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-11
On January 9, Ahrar al-Sham groups in northwestern Hama surrendered and dissolved themselves under pressure from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), according to local sources. Thus, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) imposed full control over … | The post Video: Al-Qaeda Defeats Another Turkish-backed 'Opposition' Group appeared first on Global Research.

Can Nepal Realistically Look to China as an Alternative Trade Partner?
Barbara Nimri Aziz | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-11
Three sturdy trekkers step out of a van and hoist top-heavy blue, green and orange rucksacks onto their backs. The two young women and a man then set off on foot, headed to one of Kathmandu's numerous backpackers' hotels. I … | The post Can Nepal Realistically Look to China as an Alternative Trade Partner? appeared first on Global Research.

'Hiring flat-Earther to teach geography': Russiagater to lecture on 'hybrid warfare' at Georgetown
RT | rt.com | 2019-01-11
An "information warfare expert" spending her days spinning anti-Russian rhetoric on Twitter has now gotten the chance to do so in the name of 'education' — teaching a course on "hybrid warfare" at Georgetown University. | …

China Leads the Way in Eradicating Extreme Poverty
Shared by Jocelyn Dombroski | therealnews.com | 2019-01-11
Greatest contribution to global poverty reduction has come from China says Mark Weisbrot of the Center for Economic and Policy Research | The post China Leads the Way in Eradicating Extreme Poverty appeared first on The Real News Network.

Widespread support for Los Angeles teacher strike as unions seek to block statewide struggle
WSWS | wsws.org | 2019-01-11
Students, parents and workers expressed their support for Los Angeles teachers who are determined to walk out for improved wages and to oppose the drive to dismantle public education.

Syria: Deadly School Attack Was Unlawful
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2019-01-11
A photograph taken by a local anti-government media outlet of a remnant of a 240mm mortar projectile used in a deadly attack by Syrian government forces on Jarjanaz on November 24, 2018. | © 2016 Syria Now | (Beirut) — A November 24, 2018 attack by Syrian government forces near an elementary school that killed six children, a teacher, and a student's mother, appears to have been unlawful and indiscriminate. All parties to the conflict, including th…

Selected Articles: Media Disinformation and The Protest Movement
Global Research News | globalresearch.ca | 2019-01-10
Global Research has over 50,000 subscribers to our Newsletter. | Our objective is to recruit one thousand committed "volunteers" among our 50,000 Newsletter subscribers to support the distribution of Global Research articles (email lists, social media, crossposts). | Do not send us … | The post Selected Articles: Media Disinformation and The Protest Movement appeared first on Global Research.

Chicanos and Latinos in Los Angeles say, 'No Trump wall!'
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-01-10
Los Angeles, CA — With less than a 24-hour notice, about a dozen Chicanos and Latinos gathered in Los Angeles, January 9, against Trump's proposed wall. Chanting, "Trump! El burro! No! Al muro!" (Trump the jackass! No to the wall!) and "When I say, 'Trump,' you say, 'No wall!' Trump! No wall!" the angry protesters gathered at the busy intersection of 4th Street and Soto Street in Boyle Heights. As they walked home, Roosevelt High School students and working-class families greeted the protestors. | "We are here today because we know Trump doesn't support people like us," said Noemi Galindo who herself is an…

There Are Thousands of Cyntoia Browns: Mariame Kaba on Criminalization of Sexual Violence Survivors
Democracy Now! | democracynow.org | 2019-01-10
Cyntoia Brown was granted full clemency by Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam on Monday after serving 15 years in prison. The decision follows months of intense public pressure and outrage over her case. Brown was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder for shooting her rapist as a teenager. She had been sexually trafficked and repeatedly abused and drugged. The shooting happened when Brown was just 16 years old, but she was tried as an adult. We speak with Mariame Kaba, organizer and educator who has worked on anti-domestic violence programs, anti-incarceration and racial…

Source of Pro-Israel Keyboard Warriors on Social Media Finally Exposed
Middle East Monitor | theantimedia.com | 2019-01-10
(MEMO) — A number of prominent Jewish-American leaders are funding covert, anonymous campaigns targeting pro-Palestinian student activists, The Forward has found. The Jewish daily newspaper, which has been publishing valuable information concerning the source of funding for these hyper-aggressive and shadowy groups — which spearhead coordinated hate campaigns against critics of the Zionist state — has uncovered the identities …

Source of Pro-Israel Keyboard Warriors on Social Media Finally Exposed

Marco Rubio and His Colleagues Need a Refresher on the First Amendment
ACLU | aclu.org | 2019-01-09
Rubio took to Twitter to spread a number of downright false statements about the First Amendment and the Combating BDS Act. | This week, amid a partial government shutdown, senators tried to sneak through a bill that would encourage states to suppress constitutionally protected political boycotts of Israel. | Ultimately, the Combating BDS Act failed to make it to the Senate floor, largely because enough people exercised their First Amendment right to protest the bill and educate senators t…

Philippines: Denounce police surveillance against teachers and other democratic sectors
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-01-09
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Jan. 8 statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines. | The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino people in strongly denouncing the stepped-up surveillance by Duterte's police forces against members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) as well as other democratic mass organizations. | The surveillance was exposed after leaders of ACT revealed that officials of the Department of Education in Metro Manila and other provinces were being asked to inform the police of the roster of ACT's membership. Its members reported being tr…

Why Trump's Effort to Eliminate Disparate Impact Rules Is a Terrible Idea
ACLU | aclu.org | 2019-01-09
The Trump administration is reportedly looking for ways to do away with disparate impact rules, a move that could hurt millions of vulnerable people. | If no one tells you they're discriminating, is it still discrimination? | According to the Trump administration, the answer is no. In a memo reported by The Washington Post last week, the administration has placed in its cross hairs a civil rights enforcem…

Will Parents Stand with L.A. Teachers?
Gillian Russom | progressive.org | 2019-01-09
Despite negative press, parents say they support a strike by United Teachers Los Angeles.

How to get Venezuela's economy going again
Cira Pascual Marquina | mronline.org | 2019-01-09
In this interview with Venezuelanalysis, an independent researcher speaks frankly about the roots of the country's economic crisis and outlines a series of policies to revert it. | Source…

Make 2019 the year of action on climate change
kathy_f | greenleft.org.au | 2019-01-07
Australia is sweltering through another summer heatwave, with disastrous consequences for many vulnerable people. Walgett, in north-west NSW, ran out of water and catastrophic fires are threatening communities in Victoria and Tasmania. | As we make a plan for a new year of activism, we can take some heart from the growing student movement for real climate action. They are responding to the science and showing an awareness of the scale of the pending climate catastrophe. They know what needs to be done and are demonstrating that leadership comes from those who act. | Students 4 Climate Action have already agreed t…

The STATUTES of the UDNG: on the search of political excellence
fernando_santamaria | zcomm.org | 2018-12-25
In April 2001 I was mandatorily retired by the Department of Education of the Galician Administration, (then leaded by General Franco's former minister, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manuel_Fraga?wprov=sfti1), due to "serious mental issues." Some time later, on June 14th, 2006, I legalized and registered in the Political Parties Registry of the Spanish Ministry of Interior a Read…

Push for profit: Births, babies and the bottom dollar
Fred_F | greenleft.org.au | 2018-12-13
Reliable research into safe and healthy childbirth is being ignored by maternal hospitals in Australia. | Women are not told of the adverse effects of current interventions and practices in childbirth, or that not a single long-term study exists of the almost 50 childbirth drugs currently being used. | The majority of birthing mothers are drugged in some way and one in three women describes their birthing experience as "deeply horrifying". | Viable alternatives, such as homebirth or birth centres, are systematically defunded, demonised by the media and discredited by the medical establishment. | If mothers an…