2018-09-30: Social Media Postees

US: Arizona Federal Court Blocks Anti-BDS Law
teleSUR | telesurtv.net | 2018-09-30
The law was blocked by federal judge Diane Joyce Humetewa who argued it violated the right to freedom of speech.

Brazil: #NotHim Women Protest Far-Right Jair Bolsonaro
teleSUR | telesurtv.net | 2018-09-30
Hundreds of thousands gathered at different cities in Brazil to reject the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, from the Social Liberal Party (PSL), September 29. The movement was led by feminists opposing the candidate's sexism and joined by leftist organizations.The marches follow social media unrest, as Bolsonaro's remarks have shown little empathy towards gender equality.

Berkeley: March and Rally Rages During Christine Ford/Kavanaugh Testimony
BAMN Supporter | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
On September 27, a crowd of women and men organized by BAMN took to the streets of Berkeley shouting their support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. This is BAMN's third action since Dr. Ford's truth about Kavanaugh became public in the last two weeks.

When Survivors Unite
Shared by britney | truthout.org | 2018-09-30
To anyone whose reflexive response is to disbelieve survivors and treat the multiple allegations about Brett Kavanaugh as "invalid" absent the type of normative evidence required in typical legal cases, it's important to clarify: The evidence is incomplete because Republicans have refused an impartial investigation. This parallels a legal system that fails to identify, prevent and redress the widespread sexual assault and mistreatment of women. We must account for that failure in parsing these events and allegations. | For decades, these systemic inequities have barred people from reporting assault and receiving…

UKULELE & HULA CONCERT (+ potluck): Immigrant Rights Bond Fundraiser
SJPCC | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
St. John's Presbyterian Church, | 25 Lake Street (at Arguello Blvd.) | San Francisco, CA…

Presentation of 2020 or Bust! Stop Climate Change Now!
Van Luong | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
San Francisco Main Library, Latino Hispanic Room B, Lower Level | 100 Larkin St. | SF CA 94102…

Outrageous Quotes That Prove Jair Bolsonaro is a Threat to Brazil's Democracy
teleSUR | telesurtv.net | 2018-09-30
Bolsonaro, who is leading Brazil's presidential polls, has a long history of embracing torture and making violent comments against vulnerable groups.

How the Trump Era Lays Bare the Tension in the Marriage Between Conservatism and Capitalism
Murtaza Hussain | theintercept.com | 2018-09-30
A new book charts how conservatives used to resist capitalism, but have completely given in. The politics of Donald Trump could loosen the bonds. | The post How the Trump Era Lays Bare the Tension in the Marriage Between Conservatism and Capitalism appeared first on The Intercept.

'Body parts & crazy fire': Deadly car explosion shakes Pennsylvania town
RT | rt.com | 2018-09-30
At least one person died after a car explosion struck a neighborhood in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Witnesses of the harrowing scene say the fire was "crazy" and that "streaks of blood" were seen around the explosion.

Maxine Waters rebuffs 'despicable' doxing claims, trolled for 'not having temperament' for office
RT | rt.com | 2018-09-30
Rep. Maxine Waters called the accusations that her office leaked Republican senators' private data "despicable lies," prompting comments that anger means guilt in apparent allusion to Democrats' reactions to Kavanaugh testimony.

Boba & Blossoms
Direct Action Everywhere | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Berkeley Animal Rights Center (2425 Channing Way, Suit C, Berkeley CA) | If taking BART, get off at Downtown Berkeley station, walk south on Shattuck Ave (for 5 blocks), make a left on Channing Way, and walk another 5 blocks until you see the big red pillars – you're here! We strive to offer walking buddies to attendees who feel unsafe walking to/from BART or other short distances in the area – please email us at sfbay@directactioneverywhere.com to request a walking buddy. | PARKING: There is a parking garage at the center (free for the first hour) and metered street parking in the vicinity. Please remove all val…

Palestine Files Lawsuit against United States with the International Court of Justice
INA | imemc.org | 2018-09-30
The Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad al-Malki, said on Saturday that Palestine has filed a lawsuit against the United States at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the main judicial body of the United Nations, for violating the international law by moving its embassy in Israel to occupied Jerusalem …

Palestine Files Lawsuit against United States with the International Court of Justice

Brokenuke Mountain? Trump says he and Kim 'fell in love' (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-09-30
How do you woo arguably the most powerful man on Earth from half a world away? For North Korea's Kim Jong-un, all it took was some "beautiful letters." Now, US President Donald Trump is quite literally professing his love.

The Earth Is the Common Home of All Inhabitants
Riccardo Petrella | globalresearch.ca | 2018-09-30
The first vast work of "worldwide" occupation and predation of the Earth and its inhabitants was that begun in the sixteenth century by a number of European states (Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, England and France). After the First World War, … | The post The Earth Is the Common Home of All Inhabitants appeared first on Global Research.

SNL's Michael Che Rips GOP Over Kavanaugh: 'Pick Another Dude from Your Illuminati Lizard Meetings'
Tom Boggioni, Raw Story | alternet.org | 2018-09-30
"I mean, typically when you're asked about a sexual assault and your drinking problem at a job interview, you don't get the damn job. " | Saturday Night Live's Micheal Che — who co-hosts Weekend Update with Colin Jost — was all over embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday night and wondered why the GOP is sticking with the fatally flawed nominee. "I just want to remind everybody that all that yelling and cryin. . .

Boycott Driscoll's Day of Action on KPFA Evening News
KPFA | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Saturday, September 29th marked an international day of action against Driscoll's, with rallies in Tijuana, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. The United Farm Workers of America, the nation's largest farmworkers union, has been silent on the Driscoll's boycott.

Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open
CP Editor | counterpunch.org | 2018-09-30

Watsonville Rally for Quality Family Child Care
SEIU 521 | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
358 Main St, Watsonville, CA…

If You're Going to Santa Cruz
David Rovics | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Last night I was kicked out of a building for the first time in my 51 years. It happened in Santa Cruz, California. Here's my latest podcast.

Friends and Neighbors of Christine Blasey Ford Rally in Palo Alto
More Protests Planned | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
The eyes and ears of the country were on Capitol Hill September 27 when Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. At the same time as the testimony was being broadcast, many of Dr. Ford's friends and neighbors in Palo Alto were demonstrating in front of City Hall.

Israeli Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In His Home Near Bethlehem
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-09-30
Israeli soldiers shot, on Sunday at dawn, a young Palestinian man after invading his home and firing many live rounds and concussion grenades inside the property in Nahhalin town, west of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank. Sobhi Zeidan, the head of Nahhalin Local Council, said dozens of soldiers invaded …

Israeli Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In His Home Near Bethlehem

3rd Kavanaugh Accuser Has History of Legal Disputes
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-09-30
Julie Swetnick's lawyer, Michael Avenatti, says he "fully vetted" her and that prior court cases don't alter the credibility of her claims about the Supreme Court nominee. | The post 3rd Kavanaugh Accuser Has History of Legal Disputes appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Joint strike by Ryanair pilots and cabin crew hits six European countries
wsws | wsws.org | 2018-09-30
The biggest strike in Ryanair's history shows the potential contained in an internationally coordinated labour dispute.

Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In Jericho
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-09-30
Israeli soldiers shot, earlier Sunday, a Palestinian teenage boy in Ein al-Sultan area, in Jericho city in the occupied West Bank, after the army invaded it, accompanying groups of illegal colonialist settlers. Media sources in Jericho said many Palestinians protesters the invasion, before the soldiers fired many live rounds and …

Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In Jericho

Feminists and Trans Activists Rise Against State Violence in Argentina
Shared by Merula Furtado | truthout.org | 2018-09-30
In Argentina, a long-awaited congressional bill to legalize abortion was defeated on August 8, 2018. But according to many of the estimated 2 million feminist activists gathered on the day of the vote, the loss was only provisional. Decriminalization remains a possibility. As organizer and…

Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State
Oakland Privacy | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck, Oakland, CA…

It's A Woman's World: Female Travelers to Persia. Freya Stark (1893-1993)
Farid Parsa | iranian.com | 2018-09-30
Freya Stark was born in Paris 1893 and raised in Italy and England. Her father was English and mother Italian. She spoke English, French, Italian and German and later learned Arabic, Persian and at 60, Turkish. At 9 she was given the book, One Thousand and One Nights as a birthday present which must have […] | The post It's A Woman's World: Female Travelers to Persia. Freya Stark (1893-1993) appeared first on The Iranian.

Kavanaugh Confirmation Fight Reminds Us That Accused Sexual Harassers Get Promoted Anyway
The Conversation | alternet.org | 2018-09-30
This brand of discrimination has been undermining equality in the workplace for decades. | Rich text editor, edit-body-und-0-value, press ALT 0 for help. | Elizabeth C. Tippett, University of Orego. . .

American History for Truthdiggers: Reconstruction, a Failed Experiment
Maj. Danny Sjursen | truthdig.com | 2018-09-30
After many thousands of Northerners died in a war aimed in part at freeing the slaves, white America lacked the will to follow through. | The post American History for Truthdiggers: Reconstruction, a Failed Experiment appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Bombing Libya: The Origins of Europe's Immigration Crisis
William Blum | globalresearch.ca | 2018-09-30
The world will long remember the present immigrant crisis in Europe, which has negatively affected countless people there, and almost all countries. History will certainly record it as a major tragedy. Could it have been averted? Or kept within much | … | The post Bombing Libya: The Origins of Europe's Immigration Crisis appeared first on Global Research.

Can the Great Lakes Continue to Fend Off an Increasingly Thirsty World?
Shared by Anton Woronczuk | truthout.org | 2018-09-30
On the rocky beach at Little Girls Point County Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the heavy wash of Lake Superior seeking the shore rolls stones the size of softballs back and forth in the surf. | The power and immensity of the lake seems immutable. If there is anything in nature that will withstand the passing of time, this inland ocean would seem a likely candidate. | Peter Annin knows better. The author of The Great Lakes Water Wars, which examines the fight to…

Army Shoots Six Palestinians, Two Seriously, In Gaza
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-09-30
Israeli soldiers shot, on Sunday at night, six Palestinians, including two who suffered serious injuries, in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. The soldiers shot three Palestinians, east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza, before they were rushed to the Al-Aqsa Hospital, in nearby Deir al-Balah. …

Army Shoots Six Palestinians, Two Seriously, In Gaza

Will the New Crimes Against Humanity Treaty Protect Women and LGBTI Persons?
Shared by Anton Woronczuk | truthout.org | 2018-09-30
If you haven't heard about the new treaty on crimes against humanity that the United Nations has in the works, you're not alone. Most haven't. | We need this treaty, first of all, because it could help bring such atrocities to light and perpetrators to justice. The only permanent court in existence for prosecuting such crimes, the International Criminal Court (ICC), doesn't have a mechanism for interstate cooperation, and few states have crimes against humanity incorporated into their domestic legislation. | The problem is that the d…

For People Behind Bars, Reporting Sexual Assault Leads to More Punishment
Shared by Merula Furtado | truthout.org | 2018-09-30
When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford broke a decades-long silence about nearly being violently raped by Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Court nominee, her allegations were met with death threats. Her address was published, forcing her family to relocate; people followed her on freeways and attempted to enter her place of work. At the same time, her detractors questioned the legitimacy of her accusations, noting that she did not report the attempted rape. These criticisms are nothing new–countless survivors have faced…

The Shortwave Report 09/28/18 Listen Globally!
Dan Roberts | indybay.org | 2018-09-30

The 17th Anniversary: 9/11 Family Members, Technical Experts Stand Tall for Truth and Justice at U.S. Capitol
Richard Gage | globalresearch.ca | 2018-09-30
The AE911Truth team recently returned from an inspiring series of events we held on September 11, 2018, in the heart of the nation's capital. | We were joined by a handful of eloquent and moving speakers — including British 9/11 family … | The post The 17th Anniversary: 9/11 Family Members, Technical Experts Stand Tall for Truth and Justice at U.S. Capitol appeared first on Global…

Judge Kavanaugh Has Been A Foe Of Animals & Their Protectors
ARC 9 | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Kavanaugh chose trophy hunters over endangered species. | Kavanaugh's endorsement by the hunter dominated NRA, ruling against slaughterhouse workers, prosecution of the illegal Bush invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, antienvironment judgments, religious beliefs are some of several areas in which he has not shown consciousness of the rights of animals.

"Contraception Deserts" Likely to Widen Under New Trump Administration Policy
Shared by Anton Woronczuk | truthout.org | 2018-09-30
Lawrenceville, Georgia — When Nikia Jackson needed to be screened for a sexually transmitted disease, she wanted a clinic that was reputable, quick and inexpensive. | After searching online, Jackson, 23, ended up at the Obria Medical Clinics' sparkling new facility in an office park in suburban Atlanta. She was unaware that the clinic does not offer condoms or other kinds of birth control beyond so-called natural family planning methods. | Religious conservatives say these types of clinics are the future of women's sexual health care in the United States. | "A woman needs choice, but you can't have a choice…

67 Arrested on Felony Charges as Activists Occupy "Free Range" Amazon Chicken Supplier
DxE | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Bond set at $20,000 each, over $1.3 million total…

Bolivia: Morales Seeks New Relationship With Chile After Ruling
teleSUR | telesurtv.net | 2018-09-30
The International Court of Justice will rule Monday on Bolivia's demand to negotiate a sea exit with Chile.

From the Zapatistas and Beyond
Research Center for the Americas, UCSC | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
The Nick | 210 Lincoln St, Santa Cruz…

What's Happening in Syria: A cultural/educational community event
Sheila Carrillo | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Resource Center for Nonviolence 612 Ocean St Santa Cruz…

Pack the Supreme Court
Mehdi Hasan | theintercept.com | 2018-09-30
Brett Kavanaugh moved one step closer to the United States Supreme Court on Friday. | Despite telling brazen lies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and despite Christine Blasey Ford's compelling testimony, Republicans on the committee voted in favor of advancing Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Se…

Cold War 2.0: The Russian Peace 'Threat' and America's Addiction to War
Michael Welch | globalresearch.ca | 2018-09-30
"It is namely the Russians who have prevented world war and any use of nuclear weapons, while it is the leaders of the United States Government-Military-Industrial-Deep State-Media Complex that does all it can to rule the world by using war | … | The post Cold War 2.0: The Russian Peace 'Threat' and America's Addiction to War appeared first on Global Research.

Activists Occupy "Free Range" Amazon Chicken Supplier, Remove Dozens of Dead or Dying Animals
DxE | indybay.org | 2018-09-30
Activists with the grassroots animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) are currently executing a vigil and sit-in inside an industrial shed at a Petaluma, California factory farm which supplies chicken to Amazon Fresh. UPDATE 4: 09pm: 50+ have been arrested.

Revolutionary University 2018 (Tools for Changing Society)
https://www.revolutionaryworkers | indybay.org | 2018-09-30

South Berkeley Senior Center | 2939 Ellis St. | Berkeley, CA 94701 | (Near Ashby BART)…

Any Effective Anti-War Movement Must Readjust Its Understanding Of What War Is
Caitlin Johnstone | iranian.com | 2018-09-30
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has kicked off yet another round of "Iran is totally gonna nuke us any second now you guys" ejaculations. This is of course another demand that we accept unsubstantiated claims from a proven liar about another longtime target for neoconservative regime change, and I'd like to tap out a few […] | The post Any Effective Anti-War Movement Must Readjust Its Understanding Of What War Is appeared first on Th…

Israeli Colonists Injure Five Palestinians, Attack Stores And Cars, In Jerusalem's Old City
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-09-30
A group of extremist illegal colonialist settlers attacked, on Sunday at night, many Palestinians and stores in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, causing damage and wounding five young men. The WAFA Palestinian News Agency said the Israeli assailants attacked many shops in the al-Misrara area, near Bab al-'Amoud, …

Israeli Colonists Injure Five Palestinians, Attack Stores And Cars, In Jerusalem’s Old City

Africa-America Institute 65th Anniversary Awards Gala
Aba Blankson | naacp.org | 2018-09-30
President Derrick Johnson Prepared Remarks New York, New York September 25, 2018…

USA Today edits Kavanaugh piece with 'pedophilia' hints, gets even more backlash
RT | rt.com | 2018-09-30
USA Today has edited an article which added an implied 'pedophilia' angle to the saga of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh after a massive outcry, clarifying that it was an opinion piece and deleting some controversial passages.

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