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Headlines for February 27, 2018.
Democracy Now! | 2018-02-27
Supreme Court Deals Major Blow to Trump's Efforts to Cancel DACA, Trump Claims He Would Run into a Building to Stop a School Shooting, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Slams Trump's Idea to Arm Teachers, Georgia Lt. Gov. Threatens to Retaliate Against Delta for Stopping Discount to NRA, WH Aide Ivanka Trump: "Inappropriate" to Ask Her About Reports of Father's Sexual Assault, Trump Proposes Appointing His Private Pilot to Head Federal Aviation Authority, Syrian Gov't Continues Airstrikes & Shelling in Eastern Ghouta During 5-Hour Truce, China Drops Presidential Term Limits, Clearing Path for Xi to Serve Indefinitely, Congo: Soldiers Kill 4 People Protesting Delay of Elections & Kabila's Extended Rule, Israeli Soldiers Arrest 10 Members of Ahed Tamimi's Family, Including Cousin Shot by IDF, Haaretz: Israeli Prosecutor's Office Directly Links PM Netanyahu to Bezeq Bribery Case, ACLU: Jailed Mexican Immigrant Was Beaten and Put in Solitary for Joining a Hunger Strike, Court Rules Civil Rights Law Prohibits Employers from Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Georgia: Reality Leigh Winner to Appear in Court Tuesday, NBA Golden State Warriors Meet with D.C. Kids, Not President Trump, Indian Superstar Actress Sridevi Dies at 54, Health Advocate & Anti-TPP Activist Zahara Heckscher Dies at 53 of Breast Cancer…

Israel Extracts "Confession" From Badly Wounded Cousin of Ahed Tamimi, Jailed Protest Icon.
Robert Mackey | The Intercept | 2018-02-26
Updated: Tuesday, Feb. 27, 5: 54 a.m. EST | Early Monday morning, Israeli forces detained a teenage Palestinian boy who has been missing part of his skull since December, when he was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier during a protest against the occupation of his West Bank village. | The boy, Mohammed Tamimi, 15, was one of 10 Palestinian residents of the village of Nabi Saleh arrested in a pre-dawn raid. Tamimi's 17-year-old cousin, Ahed, has been in an Israeli military prison since December, when she was filmed slapping an Israeli soldier outside her family home about an hour after Mohammed was shot. | Mohammed was arrested in the middle of the night, and taken away for interrogation, despite the fact that his medical condition has been widely reported on in the Israeli press, and his head remains badly…

Spirituality in the Trump Era?
Bill Boyarsky | Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists | 2018-03-02
The Trump administration's assault on immigrants is growing more fierce, both in Washington, D.C., and on the streets. Meanwhile, resistance to this aggressive policy, along with immigrants' fear of deportation, becomes more intense. Into this maelstrom stepped Victor Narro and his book, " Living Peace, Connecting Your Spirituality With Your Work For Justice." | Spirituality in the Trump era? With Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump's chief of staff, John Kelly (the former secretary of homeland security), calling the shots, federal agents are intensifying their sweeps in search of undocumented immigrants without a scintilla of humanity, much less spirituality. Separating families and ripping people from their schools, homes and jobs is the opposite of spirituality. And it's hard to fight these powerful forces with the thin resources available to community immigrant rights organizations. | Narro is project director at the UCLA…

US Established Up to 20 Military Bases in Syria's Kurdistan — Russian Security Council.
RT News | Global Research | 2018-03-02
The US has established as many as 20 military bases in the part of Kurdistan that lies within Syria, the Russian National Security Council has stated according to Russian media. | The establishment of peace in war-torn Syria is impeded by …

Melting the Ice in the Human Heart.
Robert C. Koehler | Global Research | 2018-03-02
How close, how intimate, have you ever gotten with Greenland? | A new documentary called Stella Polaris, directed by Yatri Niehaus — part of Chicago's tenth annual Peace on Earth Film Festival — takes you on a meditative journey to this …

If the US Wants Peace in Korea, It Should Keep Its Word.
Mike Whitney | Global Research | 2018-03-02
Relevant article selected from the GR archive, first published in December 2010. | On January 29, 2002, former President George W. Bush designated North Korea as one of three nations in the "axis of evil". Bush made it clear that these …

An Unholy Alliance? Trump, Israel and Saudi Arabia — Targeting Iran.
Dr. Chandra Muzaffar | Global Research | 2018-03-02
Relevant article selected from the GR archive, first published in May 2017. | In the wake of President Donald Trump's visit to West Asia, is there even a faint glimmer of hope for peace in the most conflict-ridden region of …

Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations.
Prof. James Petras | Global Research | 2018-03-02
Israel has escalated its propaganda war against Iran . Its agents in the US Congress, the mass media and in the Executive branch moved to undermine the peace process.

As Colombia's Presidential Campaign Heats Up, Peace Accord Frays.
TRNN | The Real News Network | 2018-03-01
Colombia's former rebel group FARC suspended its presidential campaign because political violence in Colombia continues unabated. Meanwhile, leftist candidate Gustavo Petro is pulling ahead in the crowded presidential race, explains Prof. Mario Murillo…

Amid Marine Base Hazards, Okinawa Struggles With New Wave of US & Japanese Militarization.
Elliott Gabriel | MintPress News | 2018-03-01
Even in the long post-war "peace," Okinawans bore the wounds and scars of a massive U.S. military presence. Now, facing rising U.S.-North Korea tensions and the effects of the U.S.' China-encirclement agenda, Okinawans are resisting a new wave of occupation and militarization. | The post Amid Marine Base Hazards, Okinawa Struggles With New Wave of US & Japanese Militarization appeared first on MintPress News.

Amid Marine Base Hazards, Okinawa Struggles With New Wave of US & Japanese Militarization

Peace IS Possible If We Remain Committed to the Truth.
Global Research | 2018-03-01
In these turbulent times, we believe in using every possible means to bring accurate and timely information to our readers. With increased global militarization and disinformation in the press, it is more important than ever to have a reliable news …

Fake news nominee: Fraudster puts Trump forward for Nobel Peace Prize.
RT | RT US News | 2018-03-01
US President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a second time after a mysterious fraudster once again forged the identity of a nominator. | Read Full Article at RT.com

The Whole Bushel: Trying to Find Peace of Mind.
TRNN | The Real News Network | 2018-02-28
In this episode, Eze Jackson sits down with beatboxer Shodekeh and emcee Mike Evenn to discuss racism in America, violence in hip-hop, and…

"We've Got To DO Something About Syria!" Uh, No You Don't..
Caitlin Johnstone | MintPress News | 2018-02-28
Opinion — "We've got to do something about Syria!" goes the common Western refrain. Actually, no you don't. "What? You're saying we should just do nothing??" goes the common response. | Yes. Yeah that'd be great. Definitely please get as far away from Syria as possible, thanks. | Arguing that the Western war machine is a good way to bring about peace and justice is like arguing that a bulldozer is a useful tool for brain surgery. Arguing that the Western war machine is a good way to bring about peace and justice in Syria is like arguing that the gasoline which was used to start a house fire can also be used to extinguish it. | The cutesy fairy tale you will hear from empire loyalists is that what started out as peaceful protests slowly morphed into a battle between the Syrian…

“We’ve Got To DO Something About Syria!” Uh, No You Don’t

Headlines for February 28, 2018.
Democracy Now! | 2018-02-28
Syrian Gov't Continues Violating 5-Hour Daily "Truce" in Eastern Ghouta, U.N. Report Warns of Sexual Exploitation by Aid Workers in Syria, Supreme Court: U.S. Can Continue to Indefinitely Detain Immigrants & Asylum Seekers, ICE Arrests Over 150 People in Raids in Northern California, 40 Faith Leaders Arrested During Capitol Hill Protest to Demand Clean DREAM Act, WaPo: Officials in 4 Countries Tried to Manipulate Kushner Through Business Ties, NSA Head: Trump Has Not Directed Him to Counter Russian Election Meddling, Florida Lawmakers Vote to Create Statewide Program to Arm Teachers in Classrooms, Afghan President Offers to Begin Peace Talks with the Taliban, Yemen: U.S.-Backed, Saudi-Led Airstrikes Kill 5 Civilians Outside Saada, Somalia: Nearly 40 People Killed in 2 Bombings in Mogadishu, Fellow Nobel Peace Prize Winners Criticize Aung San Suu Kyi over Violence Against Rohingya, Committee to Protect Journalists Calls for Probe into Killing of Slovak Journalist, Climate News: Temps Surge at North Pole; Sea Rise Floods U.S. Bases; Shrinking Lake Chad Causes Hunger Crisis, Treasury Department Slashes Puerto Rico's Disaster Relief Loan Fund, U.S. Intelligence Contractor Reality Winner Appears in Court in Georgia, West Virginia Teachers Win Pay Raise After 4-Day Statewide Strike…

Jared Kushner's security clearance downgraded – reports.
RT | RT US News | 2018-02-28
US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has reportedly had his security clearance downgraded. This may complicate US peacemaking efforts in the Middle East, which he is in charge of. | Read Full Article at RT.com

Afrofuturism, Liberation and Representation in "Black Panther": A Roundtable Discussion.
Truthout Stories | 2018-02-28
While Black Panther has broken box office records, it has also generated an intense debate. We host a roundtable with three guests: Christopher Lebron, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who recently wrote "Black Panther Is Not the Film We Deserve"; Robyn C. Spencer, a professor at Lehman College, who wrote "Black Feminist Meditations on the Women of Wakanda"; and Carvell Wallace, author of The New York Times Magazine story "Why Black Panther Is a Defining Moment for Black America." | TRANSCRIPT: | AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. In addition to our guests Carvell Wallace and Robyn Spencer, we're joined by Christopher Lebron, professor at Johns Hopkins University, author of The Making of Black Lives Matter. His recent piece, "'Black Panther' Is Not the Film We Deserve." | Thanks so much for being with us,…

Syria: Alleged chemical weapons pact with North Korea would represent 'a betrayal of humanity'.
Amnesty International | 2018-02-27
Reacting to a New York Times article alleging that an unpublished United Nations report reveals that from 2012 to 2017 North Korea secretly shipped supplies to Syria that could be used to produce internationally banned chemical weapons, Lynn Malouf, Director of Research for the Middle East at Amnesty International, said: | "Supplying any state with the means to produce these horrific weapons is utterly deplorable. But to help the Syrian government — which has repeatedly used chemical weapons against civilians — replenish its supplies would be a particularly egregious betrayal of humanity. |

Thailand: Activist Held Incommunicado in South.
Human Rights Watch | Human Rights Watch News | 2018-02-27
Aiman Hadeng, chair of the Justice for Peace Network, has been detained in a military camp in Thailand's Yala province since February 23, 2018. | © 2018 Justice for Peace Network | (New York) — The Thai government should immediately end the incommunicado military detention of a prominent ethnic Malay Muslim human rights activist, Human Rights Watch said today. Aiman Hadeng, chair of the Justice for Peace Network, has been detained in a military camp in Thailand's Yala province since February 23, 2018, without effective safeguards against mistreatment. | "The Thai military's incommunicado detention of a well-known rights activist should set off alarm bells given the army's long history of abuse in southern Thailand," said Brad Adams, Asia director. "The Thai government can address the growing concerns for Aiman's safety by immediately allowing…

Book Exposes New Zealand's Cover-up of Possible War Crime in Afghanistan.
Darius Shahtahmasebi | MintPress News | 2018-02-27
New Zealand — recently ranked as the least corrupt country in the world by the Transparency Index's Corruptions Perception Index, as well as famously ranked as the world's second most peaceful country last year — has a dark and hidden secret of its own. | The post Book Exposes New Zealand's Cover-up of Possible War Crime in Afghanistan appeared first on MintPress News.

Book Exposes New Zealand’s Cover-up of Possible War Crime in Afghanistan

Iran: Dozens of women ill-treated and at risk of long jail terms for peacefully protesting compulsory veiling.
Amnesty International | 2018-02-26
A warning by Iranian police that women could be jailed for up to a decade for joining protests against compulsory veiling has put dozens at immediate risk of unjust imprisonment and represents an alarming escalation of the authorities' violent crackdown on women's rights, said Amnesty International. | More than 35 women have been violently attacked and arrested in Tehran alone since December 2017 for taking part in ongoing peaceful protests against the discriminatory and abusive practice of compulsory veiling. In an official statement on 23 February, the police warned that women would now be charged with "inciting corruption and prostitution," which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. One of the protestors, Narges Hosseini, was today put on trial before an Ershad (Moral Guidance) court in Tehran on charges that include this new charge. | | "We want to send a message to Washington — there's a storm brewing and we're ready to stand strong for human rights. Our world leaders, including President Trump, need to know…

Egypt: Arrests Escalate Ahead of Unfair Elections .
Human Rights Watch | Human Rights Watch News | 2018-02-26
Chairman of Strong Egypt party, Abd al-Moneim Abu al-Fotouh, speaks during a news conference in Cairo, February 4, 2015. | © 2015 Reuters | (Beirut, February 26, 2018) — Egyptian authorities carried out a series of arbitrary arrests in late January and February, 2018, in an escalating crackdown against political opposition, Human Rights Watch said today. Among those arrested is Abd al-Moniem Abu al-Fotouh, a 2012 presidential candidate and the head of the Strong Egypt Party. | The intensifying repression and the use of terrorism-related charges against peaceful activists are emblematic of a government strategy to silence critical voices ahead of the planned presidential elections on March 26-28. Human Rights Watch and 13 other rights organizations have said that they lacked "the minimum requirements for free and fair elections." | "Abu al-Fotouh's arrest…

Ethiopia: New State of Emergency Risks Renewed Abuses.
Human Rights Watch | Human Rights Watch News | 2018-02-23
Police officers patrol along a road in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, February 21, 2018. | © 2018 Reuters | Ethiopia's newly proclaimed state of emergency risks further closing the space for peaceful political activity, Human Rights Watch said today. The action dashed hopes that the release of key political prisoners days earlier was a first step toward more widespread political reforms. The government should promptly repeal or revise restrictions that violate the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, association, and expression protected under international human rights law. | On February 17, 2018, following Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn's resignation, Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa announced a countrywide six-month state of emergency. The Directive of the State of Emergency contains overly broad restrictions and vague language that will facilitate government abuses, Human Rights Watch said. During Ethiopia's

Iran: Young human rights defenders at risk of torture: Shima Babaee and Dariush Zand.
Amnesty International | 2018-02-23
Young Iranian human rights defenders Shima Babaee, who is campaigning against compulsory veiling, and her husband Dariush Zand are at risk of torture and other ill-treatment. Both have been detained in Tehran's Evin prison, without access to family and lawyer following their arrest by the Ministry of Intelligence on 1 February in connection with their peaceful human rights work. They are prisoners of conscience.

Headlines for February 21, 2018.
Democracy Now! | 2018-02-21
Syria: 200 Killed in Two Days of Gov't Bombing in Eastern Ghouta, Florida Lawmakers Vote Down Debate on Assault-Style Weapons Ban After Parkland Massacre, Trump Calls for Rule Change to Ban "Bump Stocks" After Parkland Shooting, Woman Accusing Trump of Sexual Assault in Trump Tower Demands Release of Security Camera Footage, Woman Accusing Justice Clarence Thomas of Sexual Harassment Calls for His Impeachment, Guess Co-Founder Steps Down After Kate Upton Accuses Him of Groping Her, NYT: Kushner and Kelly Face Off over Security Clearances, Mahmoud Abbas Calls for International Conference to Restart Peace Process, Bahraini Human Rights Activist Nabeel Rajab Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison, U.N.: Hundreds of Thousands Flee Violence in Southeast Democratic Republic of Congo, Minnesota Reaches $850 Million Settlement with 3M over PFCs, Polk Awards Honor Weinstein Exposé, Revelations on U.S. Raid in Yemen…

On the Last Day of Black History Month, Chicago's School Board Votes to Shutter Five Black Schools.
Truthout Stories | 2018-03-01
Black students lead a march to Chicago's City Hall on February 28, 2018. (Photo: Ervin Lopez) | In these troubling and surreal times, honest journalism is more important than ever. Help us keep real news flowing: Make a donation to Truthout today. | Chicago saw another tumultuous episode in the city's battle over public education on Wednesday, with a sadly familiar script. As many expected, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's handpicked, un-elected school board voted unanimously to close four predominantly Black high schools, despite the impassioned pleas and organizing of students and local residents. Four of the schools — Hope, Harper, Team Englewood and Robeson — are the last remaining neighborhood schools in the community of Englewood, a neighborhood Chicago officials have long failed on a number of levels. National Teachers Academy elementary school (NTA) also faces closure, despite significant community…

The UK lecturer's dispute and the marketisation of higher education.
WSWS | World Socialist Web Site | 2018-03-01
The attack on university lecturers is one element in a far advanced programme aimed at the destruction of higher education as it has been known for decades.

Reject the sellout of West Virginia teachers' strike!
WSWS | World Socialist Web Site | 2018-02-28
There is widespread anger among teachers over the sellout deal agreed to by the West Virginia Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia.

West Virginia Teachers Strike Redefines Teacher Unionism.
TRNN | The Real News Network | 2018-02-28
Every public school in the state is closed for a fourth day as thousands of teachers demand better pay, pensions, and healthcare. TRNN speaks to Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, and union activist Lois Weiner…

Florida Students Return to 'Picture of Education in Fear'.
KELLI KENNEDY, TERRY SPENCER and JOSH REPLOGLE / The Associated Press | Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists | 2018-02-28
PARKLAND, Fla. — Students and teachers passed through tight security cordons of dozens of officers as classes resumed Wednesday for the first time since a troubled teenager with an AR-15 killed 17 people, thrusting them into the center of the nation's gun debate. | The armed police, designed to make Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School feel secure, were accompanied by comfort animals including a donkey and horses. One of the horses had "eagle pride" painted on its side, while a woman held a sign saying "free kisses." | Seeing officers carrying military-style rifles had the opposite effect on some students. | "This is a picture of education in fear in this country. The NRA wants more people just like this, with that exact firearm to scare more people and sell more guns," said David Hogg, who has become a leading voice in the…

Robert Reich: The Trump Economy Is Doomed from the Start.
Robert Reich, RobertReich.org | AlterNet.org | 2018-02-28
Corporate tax cuts have never trickled down to workers, and they won't start now. | How to build the economy? Not through trickle-down economics. Tax cuts to the rich and big corporations don't lead to more investment and jobs. The only real way to build the economy is through "rise-up" economics: Investments in our people — their education and skills, their health, and the roads and bridges and public transportation that connects them. Trickle-down doesn't work because money is global. Corporations and the rich whose taxes are cut invest the extra money wherever around the world they can get the highest return. Rise-up economics works because American workers are the only resources uniquely American. Their productivity is the key to our future standard of living. And that productivity depends on their education, health, and infrastructure. | Just look at the evidence. Research shows. . .

The advent of "pop-up" schools in Australia: Yet another assault on public education.
WSWS | World Socialist Web Site | 2018-02-27
"Pop-up" schools are temporary replacements for the huge shortage of public schools capable of providing their students with the classrooms and other facilities they require.

Tuition fees review will escalate marketisation of higher education in UK.
WSWS | World Socialist Web Site | 2018-02-24
At the center of discussions is the introduction of market-based pricing for degree courses, based on likely graduate earnings.

"The Time to Act Is Now": Florida School Shooting Survivors Confront Trump, Rubio on Gun Control.
Democracy Now! | 2018-02-22
"The time to act is now." That's the message of survivors of last week's school shooting in Florida. On Wednesday, the nation witnessed grieving students, parents and teachers powerfully confront the president and lawmakers over gun control in pointed–and often tense–televised exchanges. The day began with students across the United States–from Minnesota to Colorado to Arizona–walking out of class to demand stricter gun laws. Meanwhile, survivors of the shooting descended on the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee to demand lawmakers pass legislation addressing gun violence before the legislative session ends. In the afternoon, President Trump–along with Vice President Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos–hosted a listening session with survivors of recent shootings, including students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Wednesday evening, survivors of the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School sparred with politicians during a town hall hosted by CNN.

Israel "Violating Every International Law" with the Use of Lethal Weapons Against Palestinian Civilians.
Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi | Global Research | 2018-03-02
Relevant article selected from the GR archive, first published in October 2015. | The Israeli army is using very dangerous weapons, which can be lethal, to disperse demonstrators who are just demonstrating. The rules of engagement that the Israeli army is …

Israel Destroys the Homes and History of Palestine's Indigenous Bedouin.
Miko Peled | MintPress News | 2018-03-02
Because the Naqab is a largely fertile desert where agriculture and animal husbandry were practiced by the indigenous Bedouin community for centuries, from 1948 the State of Israel, in settler-colonial fashion, has been engaged in taking the land and the resources while getting rid of the indigenous communities on it. | The post Israel Destroys the Homes and History of Palestine's Indigenous Bedouin appeared first on MintPress News.

Israel Destroys the Homes and History of Palestine's Indigenous Bedouin

The FBI Thinks It Has the Right to Surveil People Who Exercise Their First Amendment Rights.
Candice Bernd, Truthout | AlterNet.org | 2018-03-02
They have a grudge against Black Lives Matter groups, especially those led by women. | The government's surveillance and ongoing case against of Black activist Christopher Daniels, which may become the first prosecution of a person tracked under the new FBI classification of "Black Identity Extremist," could open the door to a wider dragnet for Black activists engaged in police reform and anti-racist organizing across the nation. Daniels, better known in the area as Rakem Balogun, has been in federal custody since December 12, 2017, when heavily armed FBI agents stormed his one-bedroom apartment in Dallas, rousing Daniels and his 15-year-old sfon from their beds and rushing them outside, where they were separated while Daniels was detained wearing only his underwear. The agents recovered two firearms, including an assault rifle, from his apartment during the raid. The government indicted Daniels for. . .

New Zealand governments lied about "non-combat" role in Iraq.
WSWS | World Socialist Web Site | 2018-03-02
Successive governments falsely claimed that New Zealand soldiers in Iraq are engaged in a training capacity.

"The Scales Are Tipped": Emails Show Louisiana's Close Relationship With Oil Industry, Monitoring of Pipeline Opponents.
Alleen Brown | The Intercept | 2018-03-01
The state's relationship with Energy Transfer Partners stands in stark contrast to its lack of engagement with activists opposing the Bayou Bridge pipeline. | The post "The Scales Are Tipped": Emails Show Louisiana's Close Relationship With Oil Industry, Monitoring of Pipeline Opponents appeared first on The Intercept.

As Case Against So-Called "Black Identity Extremist" Proceeds, Emails Reveal Dallas FBI's Surveillance of First Amendment Activity.
Truthout Stories | 2018-03-01
The government's prosecution of a Black activist could open the door to a wider dragnet. (Photo: Rakem Khafre / Facebook) | The government's surveillance and ongoing prosecution of Black activist Christopher Daniels, which could become the first prosecution of a person tracked under the new FBI classification of "Black Identity Extremist," could open the door to a wider dragnet for Black activists engaged in anti-racist organizing across the nation.The government's prosecution of a Black activist could open the door to a wider dragnet. (Photo: Rakem Khafre / Facebook) | Support from readers provides Truthout with vital funds to keep investigating what mainstream media won't cover. Fund more stories like this by donating now! | The government's surveillance and ongoing case against of Black activist Christopher Daniels, which may become the first prosecution of a person tracked under…

How Powerful is the NRA?
TRNN | The Real News Network | 2018-02-28
The NRA's influence in Washington doesn't come from spending money directly on elections; it comes from the organization's ability to mobilize its vast and extremely engaged membership, says Benjamin McKean of Ohio State University…

Washington has Engaged in Information Warfare, Including Fake News and Trolling, for Years.
Dave Lindorff | counterpunch.org | 2018-02-27
The howling in government and the corporate media and among many liberals about an alleged Russian information war, with bots, trolls and fake news being placed in social media to mislead and incite Americans against each other, might lead one think, like Sen John McCain, that we are practically at war with Russia. Yet it's…

Col. Wilkerson: Trump's N. Korea Diplomacy 'Absurd'.
TRNN | The Real News Network | 2018-02-27
By refusing to engage in diplomacy with North Korea, the Trump administration could be leading South Korea to break away from its strategic alliance with the U.S., says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson…

'I know my father': Ivanka Trump's TV riposte about sexual misconduct sets Twitter on fire.
RT | RT US News | 2018-02-26
Ivanka Trump took offense to a question by a TV interviewer about accusations by several women that her father engaged in sexual misconduct. Her response has caused a flame war on Twitter. | Read Full Article at RT.com

Headlines for February 23, 2018.
Democracy Now! | 2018-02-23
National Rifle Association Attacks Gun Control Advocates, Trump Repeats Call to Arm Teachers in Wake of Florida School Massacre, Deputy Who Failed to Engage Florida School Shooter Retires, Texas School District to Punish Students Protesting Gun Violence, Minneapolis Mayor Joins Student Protests as Orono Schools Lock Down, Russia Delays U.N. Security Council Resolution on Syria Bloodshed, UNICEF Executive Resigns Following Reports of Sexual Harassment, Haiti Suspends Oxfam over Sex Crimes and Cover-Up, Video Shows Dead Palestinian Was Beaten by Soldiers, Rebutting Israeli Claims, Florida: Prisoner Screams "Murderers!" as Lethal Drugs Administered, Alabama Halts Execution of Cancer Sufferer over Collapsed Veins, Texas Grants Clemency to Death Row Prisoner Amid Father's Plea, Special Counsel Mueller Files New Charges Against Manafort and Gates, Missouri Gov. Greitens Indicted on Felony Invasion of Privacy Charge…

Where's the Beef Stroganoff? Eight Sacrilegious Reflections on Russiagate.
Paul Street | counterpunch.org | 2018-02-23
Neo-McCarthyite liberals and other dismal Democrats are clucking about how Robert Mueller's indictment of 13 untouchable Russians for "defrauding" the U.S. by buying some Facebook ads and employing some Internet trolls to "say horrible things" (imagine!) about Hillary Clinton (a horrifically bad politician who was accurately described as a "lying neoliberal warmonger" by a leading U.S. left intellectual trying to get leftists to hold their noses and vote "for" her as the lesser evil) "proves" that Russia engaged in relevant meddling to undermine U.S. "democracy" on Donald Trump's behalf during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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