2017-03-30 Update: I’m with Tulsi

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A Q&A With Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard is a real person with views and ideas most can relate. We hope this website gives you informative ideas that you can take in choosing who and/or how you support your local and national politicians; and also inspires you to take action on your own level as we have here. The following article explains her background in more depth.

Tulsi Gabbard ran for the Hawaii State Legislature in 2002 and became, at age 21, the youngest person ever elected. Representing Hawaii's 2nd Congressional District, Tulsi is one of the first two female combat veterans and the first Hindu to ever serve as a member of the U.S. Congress.

A self-described and introverted kid" growing up, Tulsi didn't necessarily imagine that she would enter into politics, but her strong sense of service to others motivated her to get involved and follow what she feels is one of the most important life lessons: you see a problem, be a part of the solution. Don't stay on the sidelines and complainaction."

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Tulsi Gabbard offers gratitude to veterans for standing with Water Protectors
It takes honor and dedication to stick to your ideals, and even more so when you do it time after time regardless of opinion. Tulsi has our support because she is world wise, conscious, and positive in her moves and actions. Here is another great video with her speaking on veterans, herself being one.

Published on Dec 16, 2016

12/16/16 | #Nodapl Archives
"This is our continued responsibility and that oath that we took, to place the mission first. To put service to others and to our home before ourselves. Thank you all so much for answering that call to duty. I wish you the best in your mission as Water Protectors, through peace and prayer. Thank you very much, Aloha".


Aloha #TeamTulsi Mahalo for your support!
Here is Tulsi Gabbed and her team giving thanks to her supporters. Her Hawaiian supporters sure look excited, and should be for right reasons.

Published on Aug 14, 2016

Join us: tulsi.to/team

Thanks to your help and support, I'm grateful and humbled to have won the primary here in Hawaii with 85 percent of votes cast. I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Hawaii and earning their support in November.


Making a Splash: Is Tulsi Gabbard the Next Democratic Party Star? Over three years ago this article was made. It is very relevant to those in interest of just who Rep, Tulsi Gabbard is and what does for the American People. grew up with the Aloha Spirit," says Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. try to treat everyone with respect. Like family." We're heading toward Honolulu's Keehi Lagoon Park, where the first-term U.S. representative, dressed in a scarlet blouse and black trousers, will be putting in an appearance at the Hawaii Ports Maritime Council's Ohana BBQ. you've never been to a Hawaiian barbecue," she says, grinning, me tell you: There will be a lot of food." She's not kidding. As Gabbard is greeted with the traditional leis (you wind up wearing a lot of flowers in her line of work), burly longshoremen step from the serving line with heaping plates of chicken, sticky-sweet desserts, and devoutly un-Bloombergian plastic cups of soda and beer. It's proof positive of the local saying: In Hawaii, you don't eat until you're full, you eat until you're tired. Area politicians are here to express their solidarity with the local maritime unions. There's the newly appointed U.S. senator, Brian Schatz, a bit too eager to please in his blinding yellow-and-green shirt, and boyish city councilman Stanley Chang, who fairly squeaks with ambition. And then you have Gabbard, a tanned 32-year-old with mahogany-brown hair that falls just past her shoulders, a fit surfer's physique, and a smile so warm that it's no surprise Web sites have offered polls rating her Yet this is no Democratic Sarah Palinbarracuda populism and you-betcha sass. She takes the stage and calmly expresses her support for the shipping policies that matter so much to her audience, making no attempt to rev up the crowdis a barbecue, after all, not a campaign rally. Still, when she finishes, the listeners explode into applause. Gabbard steps from the dais, and audience members rush to hug her and urge her to run for governor or senator. Mor …

Extreme Recess: Surfing with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
This video is an interview with Rep. Gabbard, exploring her recreational choices and more importantly, who she is as a person.

Published on Sep 24, 2015

Extreme Recess: Surfing with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard


WHY TULSI GABBARD IS A THREAT TO DEMOCRATS: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Just Visited Syria
Tulsi's visit to Syria was very radical, yet misunderstood. This site believes in her and her ideas, and to that affect she isn't a showboat or political game player. She is threat because she is what the party isn't used too, a real person.

Published on Jan 27, 2017

My name is H. A. Goodman and I'm an author, columnist, and journalist www.hagoodman.com

After 8 years of persecuting whistleblowers US Democrats now want to hear from them


Tucker Carlson Tulsi Gabbard Interview Arming Terrorists
Here is Tucker Carlson interviewing Tulsi Gabbard. She stands her ground, and keeps her composure eloquently.

Published on Jan 14, 2017

Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard have a short Interview about a new bill for ending the arming of terrorists. Tulsi Gabbard describes a meeting she had with Donald Trump. This bill is in direct confrontation with the CIA, Mc Cain, Graham and Rubio.


The Way Out: Tulsi Gabbard for President 12-21-16
This video calls Tulsi Gabbard a "way out". Not too far fetched, and not too opinionated, considering the facts really are there.

Published on Dec 23, 2016


Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020
The title says it all, really. Another persons homemade video on why and how she should become our next leader.

Published on Nov 11, 2016

She resigned as Vice Chairman of the DNC because she could not abide the corruption and she endorsed Bernie Sanders. She stood by him till the end and ran as his running mate as a write in on the California ballot. She is a combat vet who feels we need to stay out of regime changing wars or wars based on oil profit.

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These Progressives Can DEFEAT Trump in 2020 (Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, etc.)
This report explains why, and how, Rep. Gabbard can beat Trump, or whoever, she may face in the 2020 election if she should run,

Published on Nov 14, 2016

The Democratic Party establishment thinks they can defeat Donald Trump in 2020 with another corporatist, centrist Democrat. News flash: you can't. In this segment we discuss the progressives that actually CAN defeat Donald Trump in 2020.


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