2017-03-30 Update: I’m with Jill

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Jill Stein's FB Feed Jill Stein 2 hours ago You won't want to miss it! If you have a question for Ajamu Baraka, list it in the comments below. …

PhotoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 1 day ago Jill Stein added a new photo. …

PhotoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 2 days ago Jill Stein shared European Greens's #Greens2017 – Climate Change. …

Join us at the #Greens2017 congress in Liverpool to discuss global solutions to fight climate change greens2017.org European GreensVideoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 3 days ago LIVE NOW: On tonight's mega-sized Democracy in Action with David Cobb we are "Thinking about Money and Monetary Policy" with special guests Sue Peters (American Monetary Institute), Walt McRee (Public Banking Institute), and Warren Mosler (Modern Monetary Theory). Join the debate and discussion in the comments! And PLEASE SHARE. …

Democracy In Action: Thinking About Money and Monetary PolicyVideoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 3 days ago TONIGHT ON GNN – 8pm ET: On "Democracy in Action," David Cobb will be talking about "Thinking about Money and Monetary Policy" with special guests Sue Peters (American Monetary Institute), Walt MCree (Public Banking Institute), and Warren Mosler (Modern Monetary Theory). …

PhotoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 3 days ago Hi from Jesse Klaver, dynamic young leader of the Dutch GreenLeft Party! …

VideoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 3 days ago Continuing! …

VideoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 3 days ago Breaking US news from Utrecht Netherlands. Hear how we can stand up for a nuclear free future now! Ambassador Nikki Haley is holding a press conference at the UN in NYC at 10 AM protesting a treaty against nuclear weapons! Let's stand up against Nikki Haley's nuclear madness. …

VideoView on Facebook¬∑ShareJill Stein 4 days ago Wanted to share this with you all! …

Nu live vanuit het grote auditorium in de Lamot: Jill Stein. Voormalig presidentskandidate van de Amerikaanse Green Party – "We can create a world that works for a …

The DNC is gone and we need a progressive party
DNC is gone and we need a progressive party," Susan Sarandon said in defense of her support for Jill Stein .

DNC is gone": Susan Sarandon defends vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein

Sarandon slammed DNC corruption: bed with every superdelegate is a lobbyist." VIDEO



CNN LIVE : Jill Stein Green Party Presidentials Town Hall


Cornel West: Why I Endorse Green Party's Jill Stein Over Disaster" Hillary Clinton Published on Jul 18, 2016 democracynow.org Cornel West is heading to Philadelphia next, where he will serve on the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee, but he has announced he won't be backing the party's presumptive nominee. West talks about why he is backing the Green Party's Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton. Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs weekdays on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET: democracynow.org Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today: democracynow.org/donate FOLLOW DEMOCRACY NOW! ONLINE: Facebook: facebook.com/democracynow Twitter: twitter.com/democracynow YouTube: youtube.com/democracynow SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/democracynow Daily Email: democracynow.org/subscribe Google+: plus.google.com/+DemocracyNow Instagram: instagram.com/democracynow Tumblr: democracynow.tumblr.com Pinterest: pinterest.com/democracynow iTunes: itunes.apple.com/podcast/demo‚… TuneIn: tunein.com/radio/Democracy-Now‚… Stitcher Radio: www.stitcher.com/podcast/democ‚…

Corporate Media's Attack on Jill Stein Begins

Jill Stein is now officially a threat to the political establishment, as corporate media is beginning to attack her campaign. Though she's
polling at less than 5% in most polls, this is high enough to siphon off votes from the Democratic party, and they refuse to let this happen, so the attacks dogs have been released.


www.bostonglobe.com/metro/201 ‚…

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Green Party Candidate Jill Stein on Bernie, Hillary & a New Deal" (Interview w/ Cenk Uygur)

Published on Dec 21, 2015

The Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein is serious about running for president, and taking on the system that drives up student loan debt and healthcare costs, cuts taxes for the rich, promotes endless war while flooding weapons across the Middle East, and bails out the criminals on Wall Street while channeling young African-American males into the school-to-prison pipeline.

In this wide-ranging interview with The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur, Stein also shares:

Her plan to drive young people to the polls by promising to eliminate student debt
Why, as much as she admires Bernie Sanders, the Democratic machine will never let him win
Her strategy for dealing with ISIS
The lessons of the Obama presidency
Her position on Black Lives Matter
Why no one else will deal with the urgency of the climate crisis
How her plan for a Green New Deal can turn back the tide against climate
change while providing jobs and promoting a thriving economy

For more information about the Jill Stein candidacy, visit www.jill2016.com/

Follow Dr. Stein on Twitter: @DrJillStein
Follow Cenk on Twitter: @CenkUygur

On Contact: Into the Political Wilderness with Jill Stein

Published on Jul 30, 2016Now
that the two major political parties have officially selected their
nominees for president, Chris Hedges sits down with Green Party
candidate for president, Dr. Jill Stein, to discuss an alternative way
forward. Bernie Sanders might be out of the race, but Stein says the
Green Party is leading the revolutionary charge. RT Correspondent Anya
Parampil looks at third parties that have renewed the political vibrancy
of American society.

Green Party's Jill Stein: We Should Bail Out Students Like The Crooks On Wall Street | MSNBC

Jill Stein Has Chosen Her Running Mate

Jill Stein: DNC sabotaged Bernie Sanders

Published on Jul 27, 2016
Bryan Llenas and Green Party candidate for President, Jill Stein, discuss the DNC 'sabotaging' Bernie Sanders' campaign but is Stein, in return, actually sabotaging Hillary Clinton's campaign?

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