2017-03-30 Update: Center for Positive Practices

New: Free Report on the New Mexico Academic Achievement Gap A new report by the Center for Positive Practices details how the New Mexico public education system is failing to improve educational equity and justice for diverse populations. Download the free report below. Download or View Online

Teacher Self-Assessment Scales (TSAS) Updated Welcome NMABE attendees! NMABE Participants should use this form: TSAS Online Data Entry Form Enter TSAS Questionnaire responses online now: All participants may use this form Enter TSAS Questionnaire responses online now: ALD4ALL teachers can use this online form Enter TSAS Questionnaire responses online now: Mesa Vista teachers can use this online form Download the [‚…]

Proposals accepted anytime: Conferences and Workshops in the Mathematical Sciences Funding Opportunity Number: 16-550 Funding Instrument Type: Grant Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other Research and Development Agency Name: NSF Closing Date: Proposals accepted anytime Award Ceiling: $100,000 Expected Number of Awards: 100 Description: Conferences, workshops,and related events (including seasonal schools andinternational travel by groups) support research and training activities of the [‚…]

TSAS Free Drawing CONGRATULATIONS! Because you contributed responses to one of our online questionnaires, you are eligible to win a free gift! A random drawing will be held in late May to determine the winners. We will be drawing for $25 gift cards. Good luck! Instructions. To enter, please provide your contact information below. Your privacy is protected [‚…]

Bibliography: Root Causes of the Educational Achievement Gap Bibliography: "root+causes"+"achievement+gap"_1 2_20161009 Date: 2016-10-09T20:03-06:00 | URL: eric.ed.gov‚… | Range: 1-2; Total Pages = 2 | Total Citations = 13 Bickford, Elizabeth K. (2013). Closing the Achievement Gap in Mathematics for Elementary School Students with Disabilities, ProQuest LLC. An achievement gap exists in mathematics between elementary school students with and without disabilities. Guided by the [‚…]

Bibliography: Chicanos and Education in New Mexico Bibliography: Chicanos+"new+mexico"_1 6_20161009 Date: 2016-10-09T19:59-06:00 | URL: eric.ed.gov‚… | Range: 1-6; Total Pages = 6 | Total Citations = 80 Trujillo, Michael L. (2008). Onate's Foot: Remembering and Dismembering in Northern New Mexico, Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies. This essay analyzes the historical construction of "Spanish" icons in northern New Mexico and the complex [‚…]

Bibliography: Latinos and Education in New Mexico Bibliography: Latinos+"new+mexico"_1 2_20161009 Date: 2016-10-09T19:56-06:00 | URL: eric.ed.gov‚… | Range: 1-2; Total Pages = 2 | Total Citations = 29 Excelencia in Education (NJ1) (2012). Latino College Completion: New Mexico. In 2009, Excelencia in Education launched the Ensuring America's Future initiative to inform, organize, and engage leaders in a tactical plan to increase Latino college [‚…]

Bibliography: Native Americans in New Mexico Bibliography: "native+americans"+"new+mexico"_1 13_20161009 Date: 2016-10-09T19:32-06:00 | URL: eric.ed.gov‚… | Range: 1-13; Total Pages = 13 | Total Citations = 193 Principal Leadership (2013). Native American Community Academy: The Power of Embracing Culture. The value that Native American nations place on deliberative experiential learning and oral reflection often is opposed to traditional practices in US schools. [‚…]

Bibliography: Cultural Influences in New Mexico Bibliography: "cultural+influences"+"new+mexico"_1 5_20161009 Date: 2016-10-09T19:10-06:00 | URL: eric.ed.gov‚… | Range: 1-5; Total Pages = 5 | Total Citations = 61 Medina, Christina A.; Posadas, Carlos E. (2012). Hispanic Student Experiences at a Hispanic-Serving Institution: Strong Voices, Key Message, Journal of Latinos and Education. A symposium at New Mexico State University, a Hispanic-Serving Institution, revealed Hispanic [‚…]

Bibliography: Achievement Gap in New Mexico Bibliography: "achievement+gap"+"new+mexico"_1 3_20161009 Date: 2016-10-09T19:03-06:00 | URL: eric.ed.gov‚… | Range: 1-3; Total Pages = 3 | Total Citations = 31 New Mexico Public Education Department (2010). Making Schools Work. 2010 Annual Report. The New Mexico Public Education Department 2010 Annual Report was created as a way to reflect on the accomplishments in education that occurred [‚…]

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