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Spain rally: Podemos holds Madrid mass ‘March for Change’

Pablo Iglesias with other Podemos leaders on stage at rally - 31 January

Tens of thousands of people have massed in central Madrid for a rally organised by radical Spanish leftists Podemos.

The "March for Change" is one of the party's first outdoor mass rallies, as it looks to build on the recent victory of its close allies Syriza in Greece.

Podemos has surged into the lead in recent opinion polls, and says it will seek to write off part of Spain's debt if it wins elections later this year.

Podemos says politicians should "serve the people, not private interests".

The BBC's Tom Burridge in Madrid says that there has been an impressive turnout and a carnival atmosphere at the rally.

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias spelt out the party's message to the crowd.

"We want change," he said, quoted by the Associated Press. "I know that governing is difficult but those who have serious dreams can change things."

BBC News – Spain rally: Podemos holds Madrid mass 'March for Change'.


SYRIZA Achieves Victory in Greek Elections | FDL News Desk

By: BrandonJ — Sunday January 25, 2015

SYRIZA won 149 seats out of 300 in Greek parliament with more than 75 percent of voters already tallied. While the coalition did not gain the majority, it basically achieved a massive victory after the assault by European elites warning Greeks not to vote for SYRIZA.

Thirty-six percent of Greeks voted for the coalition compared to 28 percent who voted for New Democracy, the conservative party that will lose its majority in the Hellenic Parliament. Golden Dawn, the fascist organization where half of its members are jailed, received more than six percent of the vote and came in third.

Its success is obvious as the failure of austerity politics pushed for by the troika (the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission) caused mass devastation in the country. Unemployment hovers around 26 percent and youth unemployment is around 50 percent. Two in five children in Greece live in poverty, suicide rates are higher than before the crisis and youths are leaving the country for better opportunities in countries also suffering from global stagnation.

In general, austerity failed and the votes for SYRIZA reinforced this.

SYRIZA Achieves Victory in Greek Elections | FDL News Desk.