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The Making of Hillary Clinton, Part II: The Seeds of Corruption

April 14, 2015

Second in a three-part series.

In 1990, the National Law Journal ran profiles of “the 100 Most Influential Lawyers in the United States”. Hillary Clinton was on the list, and for years she would publicly boast that the Journal had named her one of “the nation’s 100 top lawyers”. Finally, the editor of the National Law Journal, Patrick Oster, wrote to Arkansas’ first lady–as she still was in 1991–testily pointing out that the word “influential” is not synonymous with “top” or “best”–the latter two words used by Mrs. Clinton interchangeably.

By “influential” the Journal’s profile writer, Peggy Fisk, had meant a lawyer plentifully endowed with corporate and political connections, which Mrs. Clinton certainly enjoyed in Arkansas where she had become a partner of the Rose Law Firm in 1977, amid the dawn of her husband’s political career as he began his terms as governor of the state. By the late 1980s, Hillary Clinton was sitting on the board of Wal-Mart, with the rest of Arkansas’ business elite crowding her Rolodex. Hillary ignored Oster’s letter of correction, instructing her staff to continue to use the word “best” in invoking the Journal’s profile. She continued to do so for years. Oster was still writing her a decade later about her misuse–including an editorial column in the Journal in 2000, when she was running for the U.S. Senate.

In fact, Mrs. Clinton was not a particularly good lawyer and would have had trouble making any honest list of the 100 best lawyers in Little Rock.


The Making of Hillary Clinton, Part I: From Nixon Girl to Watergate

April 13, 2015


First in a three-part series.

Hillary Clinton has always been an old-style Midwestern Republican in the Illinois style; one severely infected with Methodism, unlike the more populist variants from Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Her first known political enterprise was in the 1960 presidential election, the squeaker where the state of Illinois notoriously put Kennedy over the top, courtesy of Mayor Daley, Sam Giancana and Judith Exner. Hillary was a Nixon supporter. She took it on herself to probe allegations of vote fraud. From the leafy middle-class suburbs of Chicago’s west side, she journeyed to the tenements of the south side, a voter list in her hand. She went to an address recorded as the domicile of hundreds of Democratic voters and duly found an empty lot. She rushed back to campaign headquarters, agog with her discovery, only to be told that Nixon was throwing in the towel.


Racist Israel Imprisons Liberal Activists, Without Cause

International Middle East Media Center: Israel Issues Administrative Detention to 20 More Palestinians 2015-04-08 Israeli authorities issued administrative detention orders, Sunday, to 20 Palestinians, including member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Khalida Jarrar, reported the Palestinian Prisonerís Society (PPS). The IMEMC is a media collective. We are independent journalists producing and distributing the authentic voices of the people. We are located in Beit Sahour, in the Occupied West Bank, and we welcome new volunteers and contributors. (press release): PCHR Denounces Israeli Decision for Khalida Jarrar 2015-04-08 The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) denounced an Israeli decision to put Khalida Jarrar, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PCL), under a six-month administrative detention. PCHR calls upon the international community to practice…
Palestine News Network: ICC Higher National Committee Blasts Arbitrary Arrest of MP Jarrar 2015-04-08 noor: PNN is a website, covers the latest political, civil news. Depends on a unique network of journalists spread in Palestine.
Alternative Information Center (AIC): Khalida Jarrar given 6 month administrative detention 2015-04-07 A military commander issues a 6 month administrative detention order against PLC member Khalida Jarrar.
Horseed Media: Isra'iil oo xirtay Xildhibaanad reer Falastiin ah! 2015-04-07 Isniintii shalay ayey ciidamada Isra'iil saqdii dhexe gurigeeda kala baxeen Khalida Jarrar oo kamid ah Xildhibaanada reer Falastiin.
The People's Voice: Israeli State Terror Targets Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar 2015-04-07 On April 2, the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association reported Jarrar's arrest. | She's a Palestinian Legislative Council member, a civil society leader, and PLC Prisoners Commission head. She chairs Addameer's board of directors. | Israeli goon squad thugs raided her Ramallah area home pre-dawn. She was abducted and taken to an undisclosed location. | Israeli authorities targeted her earlier.
MWC News: Lawyer: #Israel to detain Palestinian MP for six months 2015-04-06 AP: Prominent left-wing legislator Khalida Jarrar was put under detention without trial, lawyer says.
Middle East Eye: Israel: PFLP leader Jarrar given 6 months of administrative detention 2015-04-06 The Israeli authorities issued a six month administrative detention order for Palestine Legislative Council member and leader of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Khalida Jarrar on Sunday.
Press TV: Israel sentences Palestinian lawmaker to jail 2015-04-06 Israel sentences a Palestinian lawmaker to six months in jail.
Palestine News Network: MP Khalida Jarrar Faces 6-Month Arbitrary Detention 2015-04-05 noor: PNN is a website, covers the latest political, civil news. Depends on a unique network of journalists spread in Palestine.
International Middle East Media Center: Ashrawi: Jarrar's Arrest a Politically Motivated Violation of Parliamentary Immunity 2015-04-03 On behalf of the PLO Executive Committee, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi strongly condemned the recent arrest of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Member and a member of the political leadership of the PFLP, one of the PLO's constituent factions, Khalida Jarrar. The IMEMC is a media collective. We are independent journalists producing and distributing the authentic voices of the people. We are located in Beit Sahour, in the Occupied West Bank, and we…
MWC News: Palestinian legislator arrested in West Bank 2015-04-03 Agencies: Member of Khalida Jarrar's Palestinian Legislative Committee calls her detention a direct attack on democracy.
The Electronic Intifada: Palestinians condemn Israel's arrest of prominent leftist lawmaker Khalida Jarrar 2015-04-02 The leading PFLP member was taken from her home during a night-time raid by Israeli occupation forces.
Middle East Eye: Israel arrests leftist lawmaker Khalida Jarrar 2015-04-02 Jarrar, said to have played a leading role in cementing Palestine'

South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death –


In a video provided to The New York Times, a police officer in North Charleston, S.C., is seen shooting an apparently unarmed man after a scuffle following a traffic stop. Publish Date April 7, 2015.

WASHINGTON — A white police officer in North Charleston, S.C., was charged with murder on Tuesday after a video surfaced showing him shooting and killing an apparently unarmed black man in the back while he ran away.

The officer, Michael T. Slager, 33, had said he feared for his life because the man took his stun gun in a scuffle after a traffic stop on Saturday. A video, however, shows the officer firing eight times as the man — Walter L. Scott, 50 — fled.


Eric Garner Videographer On Prison Hunger Strike

Daily Beast: Eric Garner Videographer Goes On Prison Hunger Strike 2015-03-27 Activists are crowdfunding bail for the young man who videotaped Eric Garner's death, who claims police are stalking him and that he's afraid to eat the food in jail.

Press TV: Man filmed US black man's death by police fears death in prison 2015-04-08 A US man arrested for filming the police killing of African-American Eric Garner is refusing to eat in prison.

Hartford Courant: Flood Of Correction Officer Applicants Shows Flaws In System 2015-04-02 Hartford Courant data-meta-updatable: An avalanche of 9,757 applicants for only a few hundred prison jobs has exposed flaws in Connecticut's standards for hiring new correction officers, and has stirred a debate between the officers' union and the Department of Correction about how to fix the problem.

The Southern: Garner found guilty of firearm offense 2015-03-25 A Marion man was found guilty Tuesday of unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon after a jury trial, Jackson County State's Attorney Michael C.